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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration
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Archived Before & After Photos

Soft Contents Restoration

With the recent purchase of the Esporta Soft Contents Restoration System, and applicable training, SERVPRO of Jackson and De Kalb Counties is now truly a one st... READ MORE

Water Damage and Rebuild- Fort Payne Alabama

Three Levels of Damage! The owners of this home suffered a water damage on the top floor affecting 3 different levels of the home. As you can imagine, there was... READ MORE

Bathroom Remodel

This was not a water, fire, or mold damage. This was simply a customer of ours who liked our work so much, they asked us to remodel their bathroom. This bathroo... READ MORE

Remodel Project After Water Damage

This bathroom destroyed by water damage. It had laminate flooring and stick built cabinets. Unfortunately, due to the length of time that passed from the time o... READ MORE

A Cherished Mantel

Mantle Restored! The homeowners didn't have much to save from their home after the fire, but this mantle was one thing they really wanted to keep. We restored ... READ MORE

Leaky Pipe Causing Mold Damage

This bathroom had heavy water damage as a result of a leaky pipe. Although apparent when the sink and toilet are removed, the problems can be well hidden. It... READ MORE

Ceiling Falling Due to Water Damage

A leaky roof and a heavy storm caused this ceiling to get wet and fall in. Notice how the fallen ceiling tiles have created a layer of soot covering the floor t... READ MORE

Hurricane Matthew Storm Damage

2016 saw some severe weather. In the North were snow storms, in the Midwest tornadoes, the West saw wildfires, and the gulf South saw hurricanes- specifically, ... READ MORE

Cleanup After Mold Discovery

Affected Areas Mold is a fast-spreading problem that affects everything within its reach. As you can see in this photo, once mold has been introduced to an area... READ MORE

Soaked Flooring in Office Building

Water Drenched Floor Before and After. This drenched carpet in an office building was the result of a toilet overflowing. See how the water spread through the w... READ MORE

Mold Within Walls

Behind The Walls You can see the mold damage in the first picture. The mold in this photo was the result of a historical leak associated with a HVAC system cond... READ MORE

Stove Fire

A Stove Catching Fire Was the cause of this damage presented in the photos. See the amount of soot on the walls. The soot damage was so extensive that it eventu... READ MORE

Kansas City Floods

We've All Seen Some Severe Weather! This year, we went on call to help mitigate the damage on the Kansas City Floods. What You see in these photos is flood wate... READ MORE

Mold Affecting Bedroom From Beaneath

Silent Intruder This before and after was a result of a fungal growth underneath the house. A dishwasher leak in the utility room had caused a fungal growth und... READ MORE

More Kansas City Flood Damage

July 26th, 2017Kansas City and the surrounding area saw some heavy rainfall late July 2017. The night of July 26th a reported 7 inches of rain fell in East-Cent... READ MORE

Hidden Moisture

Beneath The Surface Although it is not apparent that the flooring is wet-it is. The moisture is not visible which is where we come in! Once we arrived to the ho... READ MORE

Drying A Carpet

All of Our Fans! This wet floor was the result of a pipe leakage in the ducts above the ceiling of a building! Notice the concentrated amount of water to one ar... READ MORE

Stripping The Fire

Fixer Upper The damage you see here is the result of a house fire that affected the entire upstairs of a home. Many of the downstairs rooms were affected, but a... READ MORE

Clearing Out The Mold

Lower Wall Removal The visible mold in this home was abundant. The affected area reached to almost every room in the home. As you can see here, the affected por... READ MORE

What You Can't See

Hidden Moisture Aside from an absence of baseboards, an easy assumption could be made that the room in the "before" photo has no issues. There is no visible wal... READ MORE

Pipe Bursting

Ceiling Conundrum This ceiling damage is the result of a rupture in the emergency sprinkler line on the third floor of the building. The insulation was heavily ... READ MORE

Sitting Water

Hallway Puddle This area of standing water was the result of a hot water heater malfunctioning. Notice how the entirety of the floor was wet. In some spots, the... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning

Getting Your Ducts In A Row According to The U.S. Department of Energy, 6% of all energy expenditures nationwide goes to Air Conditioning. Costing homeowners ov... READ MORE

Floods Levels Reaching New Heights

High Tides As you can see in these photos, the extent of the damage goes to at least knee-level. According to CNBC, the Brazos River was over 10 feet above floo... READ MORE

Invisible Moisture

Behind The Walls What someone can't see is a dangerous thing. While not always damaging to one's health, excess moisture and, in turn, mold can be detrimental t... READ MORE

Soft Content Restoration!

Soot On Boots These shoes were sentimental to the homeowner. They were damaged by smoke and soot seemingly beyond repair. We were able to fully restore the leat... READ MORE

Ceiling Water Damage

When Pipes Are Leaky According to an article by Emergency Plumber, here are some of the most common causes of leaky pipes:Deterioration:This cause is fairly str... READ MORE


Wildfires and You Being in the southeast, more often than not our normal idea of natural disaster falls into the category of heavy rainstorms and the winds they... READ MORE

Under The Floor

Supply Line Blues This before and after is a result of a broken refrigerator supply line. By the time we arrived on the scene, there was some microbial growth o... READ MORE

All Over The House

Here, There, and Everywhere! This loss was a result of a hot water heater's pop off valve blowing water in the crawlspace. This water damage affected over 200 s... READ MORE

The cleanup

This home suffered damage from an electrical fire, which started in the kitchen and ended up affecting the whole house. Soot and water were also a huge factor; ... READ MORE

Commercial Water- No Job Is Too Big

This Fort Payne commercial property had a leaking pipe which ended up affecting around 7,000 square feet. Our process is very strategic when it comes down to ta... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Home- Fort Payne

When fire damage strikes a home or business, the results can be devastating. The trauma of dealing with a fire takes on several stages and dealing with the rest... READ MORE

Cleaning Contents

Media Blasting In this before and after, we will highlight one of our most unique pieces of equipment and services we offer at SERVPRO of Jackson and Dekalb Cou... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Kitchen!

Complications After Improper Drying This home in Fort Payne, Alabama had a water damage several years ago that was not professionally dried out. Unfortunately o... READ MORE

Gym Floor in Progress

Scottsboro Rec Com It isn’t very often in a small community such as ours that you can find a vendor that can handle a job as large as this one. This was a... READ MORE

Flood Damaged Floor!

2016 Texas Floods! SERVPRO of Jackson and De Kalb Counties is a member of all 4 National Storm Teams. We travel all over the country in times of great need. Flo... READ MORE

Upstairs Flood

The Ceiling Can't Hold It! This loss came as a result of a busted pipe in an upstairs bathroom. Unbeknownst to the resident, the water had been accumulating und... READ MORE

Chimney Removal

Crumbling Support Removing The Chimney This damaged chimney was a result of a fire. The homeowners were not home at the time of the fire, but the fire was able ... READ MORE

Rotten On The Inside

Walls and Flooring Rotted Out Finding out what's on the inside...Upon a mold inspection, this customer was informed her bathroom had high levels of microbial gr... READ MORE

Removal and Remediation

Flooring and Underlayment Rotten Particleboard On this job, we were called due to suspected microbial growth in what seemed to be a structurally unsound room. A... READ MORE

Kansas City Floods

2017 Floods Midwest Unrest According to the national weather service, The night and early morning of July 26th and 27th was an eventful weather night. Shortly a... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

Water Extraction Drying The Floors This before and after of a flooded basement was a result of a broken supply line. The water line that supplied the refrigerat... READ MORE